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Maintenance Service Package

Our MSP (maintenance service package) includes an oil change for your car, truck or SUV. It also includes a multi-point safety inspection were we check your lights, fluids, brakes, filters, and other safety components of your vehicle. Our goal is to keep you on the road safely.

Air Conditioning

Aaron's Automotive is also capable of servicing air conditioning systems. This means that any air conditioning repair required on your vehicle can be repaired, and your vehicle's air conditioning system charged correctly. Keeping you cool all year around is our goal.

Diagnostic & Electrical Services

As cars are equipped with more and more electronics, the technician's at Aaron's Automotive stay up to date with most current applications (with the exception of electric and hybrid vehicles). We are able to diagnose and repair most electrical problems whether its a light bulb that doesn't illuminate, or the check engine light, TPMS light, or other lights are lit.


Aaron's Automotive is outfitted with an alignment bay. We are able to align almost any car, truck or SUV. Have you lowered your car with coilovers and want to dial it in with a custom alignment? We can also provide custom alignments to modified cars, trucks, and SUV'S. 


Aaron's Automotive truly stands behind every repair done with a 30,000 km warranty. (Or 18 months - which ever comes first) We believe that you shouldn't have to worry about the condition of your vehicle while you are driving it. The piece of mind that any repair performed here is covered by this warranty and will make every trip more enjoyable. 


Have a vintage car? We are able to work on your vintage car with no problem. Carburetors and 3 on the tree do not scare us. We already have a large customer base with vintage cars, and we always welcome new ones!

Street Performance Modifications

Want to add a few pony's to your ride? Or have a full custom build done? Aaron and his staff are very passionate about modifying their own vehicle's. We are happy to provide a wide range of modifications to your vehicle. With ample experience in building almost every kind of vehicle from basic bolt on modifications to full custom performance packages, we can transform your vehicle into any kind of monster!

Off Road Modifications

Aaron's Automotive also specializes in off road performance packages. From basic leveling kits to fully custom built rock crawlers. LED light bars to differential lockers, we can do it all. Aaron's Automotive is also the main provider of service to The Heard of Turtles. 

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